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Message Gift Wrapped Photos and Animated GIFs with Wrappy

Oct 27, 2016 - California based Swappy Inc., a mobile development company, today is proud to announce the release of Wrappy 1.5.1, an iMessage app that lets you send gift wrapped messages. Wrappy wraps a photo or animated GIF, along with a message, inside a virtual box that can be sent to your friends. When your friend receives a Wrappy, they tap on the box and it animates to reveal the contents. The sender can even lock the message with a passcode to prevent unwanted people from seeing it.

Popular 90s Novelty Toy Is Back with a Mobile App

Oct 24, 2016 - THE FINAL WORD, a prank gadget introduced in the 90s, has been revolutionized into a mobile app. With THE FINAL WORD app you can control how loud you want your to be heard, and you can press the button as many times as you like. With the push of a button, randomized insults will be shouted from your mobile device. It's also available on Apple Watch, so you can hide next to someone and have it shouted at them directly. The app has 4 original insult phrases plus an additional 2 new ones.

Developer of iOS Ambient App TaoMix Launches Halloween Edition

Oct 19, 2016 - Montreal based inookta studio inc. today introduces TaoMix Halloween 1.0, its new spooky ambient sound app developed exclusively for iPhone and iPad devices. TaoMix Halloween makes it easy for anyone to add a spooky ambience to their home or party for this coming Halloween. The app offers a collection of high-quality sounds that users can choose to include in their ambience: zombies, ghosts, a haunted house, an abandoned hospital, crows, bats, thunder and many more.

Power DOS for iOS now back in on the App Store

Oct 17, 2016 - Pilcrow AG today announces Power DOS 1.4.0, a completely revamped version of their DOS-emulator for iPhone and iPad devices. Originally released in 2014, Power DOS gained some success and was widely recognized. But like many other apps, it was removed from the App Store when Apple changed their guidelines. Pilcrow re-wrote the whole app from scratch so that it meets App Store guidelines. Version 1.4.0 offers even better stability and Bluetooth options for keyboards have been added.

IMMaterial for iOS 10 Messages - New Sticker Factory for Icon Web Fonts

Oct 03, 2016 - Indianapolis based independent developer, Chris Patterson today introduces IMMaterial 1.0, his new Messages app for iOS 10. With IMMaterial, anyone can create custom stickers for iOS 10 Messages from any of the over 3,000 icons included in popular web fonts, including Google Material Icons, Font Awesome, Iconic Icons, and more. MMaterial is not a sticker pack. It is a Messages app that lets you create your own stickers live, on-the-fly. It couldn't be easier!

Ask Fortuna 1.0 for iPhone and iPad makes millions of unique fortunes

Sep 30, 2016 - California based SchwanSongs today introduces Ask Fortuna 1.0, an intriguing new fortune-generator for iPhone and iPad. Ask Fortuna creates almost-random sayings and prescient prognostications, with a twist. These are not plagiarized lists of old quotes, nor are they completely random sentences of computer-speak; They are something in between. Ask Fortuna makes millions of unique sayings, guided by artificial intelligence that imbues its prose with poetic and thought-provoking wit.

Beetlejuice of the Howard Stern Show releases Beetmoji for iOS

Sep 29, 2016 - California based Flight Systems LLC today announces BeetMoji 1.0.1, their hilarious new emoji app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Beetlejuice is undeniably the #1 Wack Packer on the Howard Stern Show. Beetmoji is Bad as Can. Now you can send hilarious Beetmoji's to your friends and family. The app will be updated weekly to include new emojis relevant to the show. Over 85 crazy and absurd Beetlejuice Emojis and Bitmoji with more added weekly.

Create your own voxel stickers with DIY Blocky Stickers for iMessage

Sep 27, 2016 - Indie software developer, Vitaly Pronkin today introduces DIY Blocky Stickers 1.0, a new iMessage app exclusively for iOS 10. Unleash your creativity and send truly unique and personalized messages with Blocky Stickers. This app allows anyone to create their own unique blocky style stickers. Two block sizes and a block split function allow to create highly detailed objects or add finishing touches. Why limit yourself to packs of pre-made stickers when you can create your own in minutes?

Parting the Sea of Static Stickers with Emoji Kit

Sep 14, 2016 - Indie developer, Gerald Fairclough today introduces Emoji Kit 1.0, an iOS 10 iMessage extension that brings a personal touch to your emoji. With Emoji Kit, users can take pictures and customize them with familiar emoji accessories. A new sticker is created from the emoji and these stickers can be dragged onto text bubbles or sent as part of a new message. Featuring 40 accessories at launch, users can easily rotate and resize emoji accessories once they have added them to a picture.