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Emojis for Apple Mail: Now Available on MailButler

May 18, 2016 - Feingeist Software GmbH has released a new update to MailButler, its productivity boosting add-on for Apple Mail. MailButler is a personal assistant for efficient and productive work with Apple Mail. With its various functions, it simplifies, optimizes and streamlines working with emails in one's daily life. Now users can include emojis into their emails. This can be done with just one click: the emojis button has been added right into the utility bar in the email window.

Introducing Follow-Up: New Feature for Apple Mail on MailButler

May 03, 2016 - MailButler, the Apple Mail assistant by Feingeist Software GmbH, recently added a new productivity-boosting feature on its list. It's called Follow-Up, and it allows users to schedule a follow-up reminder that will notify them when there is no response to a particular email. Once the email is written, the user can just tell MailButler when he wants to be reminded, and the notification will appear on his preferred date & time. MailButler simplifies, optimizes and streamlines working with emails.

Email Tracking: Available Now on MailButler

Mar 17, 2016 - Shortly after MailButler release, Feingeist Software GmbH has announced that their Apple Mail assistant will now offer one more feature: Email Tracking. With this new option Apple Mail users will always know if the recipient has actually opened their email. MailButler already offers such features as Email Scheduling, Notes, and Upload to Cloud. The developers at Feingeist Software promise that more new features are planned and will be added to MailButler in future.

MailButler - Your New Apple Mail Assistant - Coming January, 18th

Jan 13, 2016 - Berlin based Feingeist Software GmbH today announces the up-and-coming release of MailButler, a brand new Apple Mail assistant developed exclusively for Mac users. Perfect for both business or private purposes, MailButler promises to be your personal assistant for efficient and productive work with Apple Mail. With its various functions, this application will simplify, optimize and streamline working with emails in your daily life. MailButler be released on January, 18th.

24U announces 24U Email OSAX 5.0

Dec 10, 2015 - 24U Software today releases 24U Email OSAX 5.0, a new version of the popular AppleScript scripting addition for Mac OS X. This scripting addition extends AppleScript with easy-to-use commands to quickly send emails directly from scripts, without the need of any additional applications. With the ability to send multiple e-mails through a single SMTP connection, version 5.0 is now compatible with OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11, and is built with the newest version of OpenSSL to support TLS 1.2.

Aura, the ultimate Mac app for Gmail, today updated for El Capitan

Nov 23, 2015 - Crosscoded today announces Aura 1.2.0, an update to the ultimate Mac app for Gmail. Aura is the missing link between a web app and a native client for Gmail users, with support for up to six accounts, global hotkeys, native notifications, selective notifications for important messages and per-account unread message counts in your menubar. With full support for El Capitan, Aura now gives users global hotkeys for creating new e-mails, open e-mail links in your default e-mail account and much more.

Moth Software announces Mail Archiver X 3.2

Aug 10, 2015 - Moth Software today announces Mail Archiver X 3.2 for Mac OS X, an update to their app designed as a companion to the user's email application. Particularly valuable for businesses and individuals alike, Mail Archiver X allows consolidation, archiving, and permanent storage of emails. Emails may be saved in the application's native database format, or in Evernote, Filemaker, PDF, mbox, or Text. Version 3.2 improves speed of archiving and adds a new method of exporting data to Filemaker.

MailRaider is bigger, better and in your pocket

Feb 19, 2015 - Have you got old e-mails archived somewhere? Have you ever wished that you could read your old Microsoft Outlook .msg or winmail.dat files on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch? Wish no more - because MailRaider is now available on iOS as well as Mac OS X. It can open files written by Outlook and extract the attachments. MailRaider Pro adds more power, support for additional mail formats, including Winmail.dat (TNEF), and the ability to extract email to XML and MBOX.

Limit Point Software releases Mailings 2.1.2

Feb 16, 2015 - Limit Point Software today announces Mailings 2.1.2, a mature, high-grade mail delivery app for sending personalized email messages to large groups of contacts. For business or personal use, Mailings is capable of sending thousands of messages, or just a hundred, directly and privately from your own Mac. Using Mailings ensures the privacy of recipient addresses, message content and tracking data. Send messages securely with SSL, and monitor delivery with the Message Monitor.